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Patient Testimonial | The Benefit Of A Skin Plan

A patient of The Georgia Dermatology Center in Cumming, GA describes her experience and results after starting a skin regimen of products and cosmetic treatments.

“I realized that as a busy mom, I didn’t put a lot of energy and time into self care. And, I think as we get older, that’s something that’s extremely important is the little things that you can do over time. And, I think my biggest fear, honestly, was just the unknown. I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know what to look for, or who to ask, and, that’s when I met Ramie. And, I immediately was comforted just through the fact that she’s a real person who also has the same exact questions that I have, but she has knowledge and she has experience. And, I felt like starting early was important and honestly I had so many things under my cabinet in my bathroom and I had no clue what they were doing, if they were good for my skin, if they weren’t good for my skin.

And, so she got me going on a system. And, Skin Medica is something that she’s recommended that’s been amazing. Just getting into that routine of putting it on every day, putting together a system that works together, I think that’s been awesome.

Another thing that we started along the process was Botox, and at first I was, you know, unsure and not sure if I wanted to do it, but once I did it, now it’s something that I absolutely love. It’s simple, it’s something I do just two times a year, but it completely makes such a huge, huge difference, and it gives you that smooth, flawless look to your skin that just helps you look very youthful.

Another thing that we’ve done is chemical peels. It’s just something even after summer that’s really good to get rid of sunspots and sun damage. And, just getting into that rhythm and that routine with a skin plan is something that’s so essential to looking youthful.

One of the other concerns that I had that I wanted addressed was some of the issues with my body after carrying five beautiful, lovely children. And, you know, sometimes as women we get a little insecure over things that we can’t change. And, I do my part, I work out, I eat healthy but there’s certain things with my body that I definitely can’t fix on my own. So, I brought that up to Ramie and asked, what can I do for a little bit of that loose skin in between my inner thigh area. And, she talked about Exilis, which is a treatment system that they have that reduces fat cells, and I was like, “OK, lets give it a go.” So, I’m actually in process of getting the treatments done now, and I’ve already started seeing results. And, it’s really, really exciting.

And, I want to be young. I have five kids, I’m busy, I have a career, but I want to look great. And, I love the idea of just doing simple things over time and having a trusting relationship with your dermatologist, with your aesthetician. Putting that trust in somebody is significant because I want to know that I’m putting my best foot forward and I have somebody looking out for my best interest; and, your skin is everything. It’s your identity, it’s how people meet you, it’s your first impression; and investing in your skin is investing in yourself.”

The Georgia Dermatology Center is located in Cumming, GA on the campus of Nortshide Forsyth Hospital.

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