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What is the best age to have a facelift?

Could You Use A Lift in 2016? When is the best time to have a facelift?

Back when your mother or grandmother might have had a facelift was often when they turned 60 or older. Waiting that long means that facial aging changes are severe and can reduce your chances for the best results. Also back then, methods of performing a facelift were not nearly as advanced as today’s newer methods.

Cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist Dr. Alexander Gross suggests to his patients that they begin facial rejuvenation earlier for several reasons:

1. Facial aging changes start to become noticeable in the late 30’s for most people. As these changes progress through the 40’s and 50’s deep facial lines caused by skin folds and loss of facial volume from fat loss create permanent skin changes that are difficult to correct with a facelift alone. Taking action early, in your 40’s or 50’s by having a facelift or Volume enhancement by Fillers or Fat will help prevent these permanent changes.
2. Generally speaking, people in their 40’s and 50’s are more healthy with fewer medical issues than people over 60, and younger people are generally better candidates for elective surgery such as a facelift and recover more easily.
3. Younger people in their 40’s and 50’s today are typically more socially active and pursuing careers where looking fit and young, whether it is fair or not, is very important. Correcting facial aging changes in your 40″s or 50’s will allow you to enjoy the results for many years at an important time in your life.

Mini Face-lift, Atlanta, GAToday, Dr. Alexander Gross offers a new low downtime facelift procedure, often referred to as a mini-facelift or the S-lift standing for short incision.
This procedure offers a more youthful look in half the time and at about half the cost of a traditional facelift. It is the perfect alternative to a traditional full
facelift, for patients who don’t have the time or money for major plastic surgery.

The mini-facelift is a local anesthetic procedure performed in Dr. Gross’ office located in Cumming, GA on the Northside Forsyth medical campus. The mini facelift was developed to offer all the benefits of a traditional full facelift, just more focused on lifting the lower part of the face, jowls and neck, which is where early signs of aging is noticed. Downtime is about half the time of a full facelift as well. Most patients can return to work or other activities in just a few days.

So if 2016 is the year you’ve decided to get a lift, schedule your appointment now for a consultation with Dr. Alexander Gross. Dr. Gross has been practicing dermatology and cosmetic surgery for over 25 years and has patients from all over the north Atlanta Metro area including Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Canton, Suwanee, Milton, Sandy Springs, Duluth, and Gainesville.

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