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Top Weight Loss Barriers for Women

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Why is it so hard for women to lose weight?!

As if pain in childbirth wasn’t enough, women in society today have tremendous loads to bear. Men aren’t exempt from societal pressures, however when it comes to weight loss, there’s a reason the weight loss industry is primarily targeted at women. Ironically, women are under the most pressure to be thin and fit and yet a woman’s body is less predisposed to let go of extra fat! Talk about setting you up for failure. Biologically speaking, a woman’s fat stores keep the body prepared to carry a fetus by storing nutrients for later use. The average number of children born to a family today is much smaller than it was 100 years ago, so why haven’t women’s bodies gotten the memo? There are many reasons why.


A woman’s body contains a complex mixture of hormones that regulate how much fat is stored. Estrogen tells your body to store fat, and testosterone tells your body to burn it. Women have more estrogen than testosterone, so naturally, estrogen wins out. Women are also more likely to have underactive thyroid glands, which regulate metabolism— too little thyroid activity can inhibit weight loss and even cause weight gain.

Body Composition.

Ever heard a man get a compliment for his hourglass figure? Not likely. Women’s bodies just naturally contain more fat than men’s bodies, giving them not only the potential nutrition for a fetus, but also creating that softer, curvier appearance that defines femininity. The normal body fat percentage for an adult woman is 21 to 31 percent, but it’s only 14 to 25 percent for men. While muscle requires more energy just to exist, fat just sits there. That’s why men, with their higher muscle mass, have an easier time burning calories.

Mom Syndrome.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are a time to focus on your baby and the nutrition you’re providing for him or her. Even long after the pregnancy and breastfeeding ends, the life of a mother is filled with weight gain triggers. With the focus on family, work, and home, mothers often put themselves last. Stress, lack of sleep, lack of time to exercise and child-friendly meals can all contribute to weight gain.

Tendency To Try Anything To Lose The Weight.

Oh, the constant battles women face in their minds and with their bodies, trying to achieve perfection in an imperfect world. When women do decide to diet, they tend to gravitate toward “easy fix” solutions that promise quick, effortless results. Especially with summer nearly here, you’re probably looking for quick ways to trim down the fat before you bare all to the world in a bathing suit. Many crash diets just eliminate water weight, which comes back quickly once you stop the diet. As you also know, a severely low-calorie diet is not only unsustainable and emotionally draining, but sends your body into “starvation mode.” In comes that fight-or-flight mode again, causing your body to slow down your metabolism and make it more difficult for you to lose weight in the future.


Women tend to shy away from weight lifting because they don’t want to look like bodybuilders. The truth is, you won’t bulk up. A twice-weekly routine using weights heavy enough to complete no more than 12 reps will build lean muscle, and it can help change your body composition. The higher your muscle mass, the more calories your body will burn just existing.

While there isn’t a quick-fix for shedding a few extra pounds, there are two ways you can get beach ready for THIS SEASON, and experience healthy, long-term weight loss as well.

1) Exilis

After much research, Dr. Alexander Gross at Georgia Dermatology is convinced on the effectiveness of Exilis. If you’re looking for a non-surgical solution and are a good candidate, he may recommend Exilis™ for you.

Why Exilis? Exilis uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deeper tissues and to ramp up the metabolic activity of the fat cells, causing them to shrink. The patient satisfaction rate is high, with circumferential reductions ranging from 4 cm to 15 cm of volume loss after 4 treatment sessions spaced at 2 week intervals. All of this occurs in a safe, painless, and quick 20 minute office procedure with no downtime or limitations on regular activities.

2) Cool Laser Liposuction

You may also be a good candidate for traditional tumescent liposuction and CoolLipo™, a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that liquefies excess fat for easy removal. Cool Laser Liposuction is ideal for small fatty areas, especially for the facial, neck, and chin area. Results should be seen within a week after treatment, and skin will continue to improve months after the procedure is completed.

Contact Georgia Dermatology today to schedule a consultation that takes you one step closer to removing your unwanted fat before peak pool season.

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